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We are the exclusive distributor of EIZO, Japan, a manufacturer of specialized display monitors for medical imaging. EIZO’s RadiForce offers a wide range of medical monitors that are a great tool for displaying and marking medical records and images in hospitals and clinics.



  • 1MP
  • 19″ Square
  • DICOM Part 14 calibration
  • Best for viewing DSA, CT, and MRI


  • 3MP
  • 21.3″
  • User-friendly and eco-friendly design
  • Work-and-Flow function
  • Ideal for monochrome and color images


  • 2.3MP
  • 24.1″ Wide
  • User-friendly and eco-friendly design
  • DICOM Part 14 calibration for viewing medical image


  • 8MP
  • 31.1″ Wide
  • User-friendly design
  • Work-and-Flow function
  • Multiple medical image display at one time

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